👋 Hi, I'm Shane

I'm a UX product designer and researcher currently in the San Francisco Bay Area.

On this website, you'll learn more about me, who I've worked with, and see samples from my projects.

About Me permalink

I'm skilled in qualitative research methods, interaction design, prototyping, and workshop facilitation. I lead design projects that deliver quick insights and actionable recommendations to my clients. I ask tough questions and challenge assumptions with one thing in mind: cultivating excellent work from myself and my team.

In my next role, I want to expand my leadership capacity, dive deeper into user research, and broaden my influence in product and service strategy.

Design Experience permalink

Since 2015 I have provided UX product design and research services for Palo Alto University, Claude Stein, Paul Ekman Group, SKUR Inc., Turner Construction Company, Stamen Design, UCSF Osher Center, Mandel Communications, Be Great LLC and General Assembly.

At Microsoft, I designed data warehouses and reporting systems to help executives make decisions about Office 365 customers. While managing the business operations group at Yammer, I designed processes and tools to help sales teams track customer engagement. I love it when technology reveals new ways to understand complex systems.